About Us

sdc10890.jpgShelton's Clothing Inc. has taken on many facelifts and changes over the past four decades. As a family owned and operated business, many sacrifices have been made to operate a successful business in a changing world.  Owners Bobby Lee and Beatrice Shelton and sons Baron and Blaine Shelton have continuously operated Shelton's over the years.

     It all started around 1970 when Bobby Lee and Bea decided to open a small country grocery store and gas station. With the help of "Nanny", the business opened and became a local gathering place for neighbors mostly since it was located off the beaten path. Nanny was Bobby Lee's mother and after Brandon, Baron, and Blaine were born she became everyone's 'Nanny". Customers could always smell her pinto beans and fried potatoes cooking around lunch time since the kitchen was located in the center of the store. All three of the boys were raised at the store and became part of the sales force as the store grew. Bobby's Uncle Rubert and Aunt Gussie also worked many years in the beginning and became a familiar face at Shelton's.

     After a few years of pumping gas and selling groceries, mostly on credit, clothing was added to the merchandise line. Although none knows exactly how or when, clothing soon became the number one item and by the early 1980's Shelton's was the place to go for all your clothing needs. Eventually the gas pumps were taken out and the grocery shelves were stocked with jeans and a couple of facility additions allowed Shelton's to become one of the South's largest jean retailers and wholesalers. The retail store offers a huge selection of clothing for the entire family and always at the best price.

     In the early 2000's fishing tackle was added and quickly became a well known shopping place for all your bass fishing needs. Shelton's offers a full line of tournament grade tackle for the weekend fisherman or the pro level tournament fisherman. Shelton's specializes in off-price rods, reels, and tackle with shipping available to almost anywhere.

     If you are ever in the area of Moulton, Alabama, you don't wanna miss the opportunity to come by and visit with the Shelton's. Who knows you just might catch us with a pot of pinto beans and fried potatoes!