Browning Boss Tortoise TR90 Frame Grey CR39 Polarized Lens

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  • TR90 frame available in both Tortoise and Black
  • CR39 Polarized lens available in both Grey or Amber
  • Gold accent on Tortoise frame and Silver on Black frame
  • Each frame has the highest of quality metal hinges
  • Medium to larger frame best suited for oval, round or heart shaped medium to large face
  • CR-39 makes excellent polarized lenses.
  • Has a cost and weight advantage over glass lenses.
  • Superior impact resistance while still maintaining an extremely clear lens.
  • Uses a harden polymer which makes the lens scratch resistant.
  • Uses a "military grade" polymer known as TR-90.
  • Frames look great, very lightweight and highly flexible.
  • Frame allows for great durability and comfort.