Quantum Energy S3 PT Baitcast Fishing Reel, 10+1 Bearings, 6.3:1 Gear Ratio, Left Hand, Size 100

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Quantum Energy S3 PT Baitcast Fishing Reel: The Quantum Energy S3 PT baitcasting reel comes loaded with Performance Tuned features and Quantum’s superb Flippin’ Switch technology that performs under pressure from even the most demanding of anglers. The Flippin’ Switch technology allows you to cover more water quickly by depressing the thumbar, making a short cast, and re-engaging the reel without turning the handle. When back-trolling, you can keep one hand on the motor while the other can release line and re-engage. Several coatings protect the reel from the effects of saltwater. The Energy S3 PT makes the most of advancing technology to bring you a performance reel you can trust to last. Reel Specs: 10+1 Bearings Continuous anti-reverse 6.3:1 Gear ratio 27-Inches per turn 18-Pound Max Drag 135-Yards of 12-pound mono capacity 170-Yards of 30-pound braid capacity Left handed